Our dragonboat practices are held at the Shanghai Water Sports Center in Qingpu. Facilities here are world-class.



Standard practice is 80 RMB and includes transport and equipment rental.


Everything you wear on the boat will get wet! Wear comfortable, loose fitting top (maybe a windbreaker jacket if it’s cold), shorts or long pants, water shoes or sandals. If you have gloves (like weight lifting gloves) that can get wet bring them – they help prevent blisters. Bring a large towel to dry off with and a small one to sit on. Bring a dry, warm change of clothes. Bring sunscreen. Bring water. Bring something to eat for after practice.


Whenever water practices are held on Sunday Morning, our bus will provide city pickup and drop-off at two locations:

Stop 1. Portman Ritz-Carlton in Jing’an. 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. The bus can not wait there. If you are late take a taxi to …


Stop 2. Lawsons/Starbucks two blocks over from Gubei Carrefour. 20 Shui Cheng Rd S/Ronghua Dong Dadao.


We are now using our wechat group as our main channel of practice updates and events. Please make sure you add us!